Minor changes make a major impact in the Sustainahouse

Six MU students are challenging themselves to live as sustainably as possible under one roof.

Kelly Gehringer reports:

In the Sustainahouse, located on N. 210 College Ave., residents feed local food scraps to their chickens Gertie and Gladys, hang their laundry to dry and sit on reused furniture.

The project began in 2010 when students applied to live in the Sustainahouse with hopes to normalize an environmentally conscious lifestyle and teach the community that minor changes can make a big difference in the environment. The group holds potluck dinners twice a month and welcomes anyone in the community who wishes to learn more about sustainable living.

Each resident has a different responsibility around the house to ensure the household is reducing its environmental impact. Junior Henry Hellmuth tracks energy consumption with a monitoring system while senior Claire Fredrichson measures waste.

The other residents include Monica Everett, Sally Waldman, Li Tang and Sustain Mizzou president Kat Seal. To find out more about Sustainahouse visit http://sustainmizzou.students.missouri.edu/