Missouri Farm Bureau reconsiders Akin endorsement

Sep 3, 2012

One of Republican U-S Senate nominee Todd Akin’s key endorsements is now in jeopardy.

The Missouri Farm Bureau’s political action committee overwhelmingly endorsed Akin over Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill, but that was before he made his controversial statement that a woman’s body can prevent pregnancy in cases of, quote, “legitimate rape.”  Chris Fennewald, who edits publications for the Missouri Farm Bureau, confirms that the Bureau’s county leaders are rethinking their endorsement of Akin.

“FARM-PAC chairmen are working with Missouri Farm Bureau staff to develop a process for this reconsideration to take place,” Fennwald says.

Fennewald indicates they’re in unchartered territory.  If they withdraw their endorsement, Farm Bureau PAC members would then decide whether to endorse someone else or leave it vacant.

Officials with the Akin campaign have so far not responded to requests for a comment.