Missouri GOP goes after McCaskill on fundraising comment

Apr 27, 2012

The Missouri GOP filed an ethics complaint yesterday against Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill. At issue are fundraising comments McCaskill made in an interview on MSNBC with Chris Mathews.

In the live interview that aired on Matthew’s show “Hardball,” McCaskill discussed campaign donations, mentioning a $25 amount. But the interview was conducted from the rotunda in the Russell Senate Office building and government officials cannot solicit campaign donations when on federal property. Communications director of the Missouri GOP Jonathon Prouty says the Missouri GOP will not let this one go:  “We believe that Claire McCaskill just believes that the rules don’t apply to her and we think it’s time for someone to hold her accountable.”

McCaskill’s press office said in a written statement, "Claire did nothing wrong and the Missouri Republican Party knows it. The fact is that what Claire said on Monday is true: she raised a lot of money last quarter and 90 percent of her contributions came from people who choose to go to her website and give small donations up to 200 dollars. That is not a solicitation in any way."

A committee made up on six U.S. senators will review the ethics complaint.