Missouri House yet to consider education bill

Mar 26, 2012

There are less than two months left in this year’s session of the Missouri General Assembly, and House Republicans still haven’t scheduled debate on a wide-ranging public school bill.

The bill would create tax-credit scholarships to pay for students to transfer from unaccredited schools to adjacent better-performing schools, and expand charter schools beyond St. Louis and Kansas City.  Majority Floor Leader Tim Jones admits there are wide differences of opinion on the bill, even amongst Republicans:

“We’re gonna need an overwhelming number of our caucus to be supportive, and there’s folks that for whatever reasons have differences of opinion as to the components of that bill, and we’re trying to identify where there’s the most heartburn and where there’s the most agreement.”

The bill barely passed out an education committee over a month ago.  It’s sat in the House Rules Committee ever since. Jones indicates consensus from all stakeholders involved is needed for the bill to have a chance of passing the House.