Missouri Military Museum undergoes renovations

Jul 6, 2012

The Missouri military history museum in Jefferson City has decided to move to a larger building and undergo a technology renovation.

The museum currently has 2,000 square feet of exhibition space, and will move to a building three times that size. The museum director Charles Machon, says the museum was running out of space.

"We are always collecting and preserving Missouri military artifacts, memorabilia and paper works. And over the years, we’ve been collecting so many that the building in which we are in now has become filled, and so we are looking to move to a larger facility," said Machon.

The museum will also update its facilities in the museum in many ways, like installing computerized displays, interactive photos and life-like exhibitions to attract more people. Machon says the move will help them preserve these historical items.

"It will be definitely positive for us to show more of the artifacts that we have here, some of the more unique artifacts to be able to reach a wider audience, and to do what we can to preserve and display the Missouri military history," said Machon.

Machon says the more space will also shorten the waiting time for retired soldiers who come to the museum to get their ID cards and military records. There are approximately 3,000 visitors to the museum each year, and Machon hopes to double that number. Machon expects this to take a year, and there isn’t an estimate yet of how much it will cost.