Missouri Observatory Reopens After Renovations

Aug 7, 2017

Credit Marissa Anderson / Flickr

An observatory in southwest Missouri has reopened after completing renovations.

The Joplin Globe reports that the Stilabower Public Observatory in Lamar has a new replacement telescope that allows visitors to specify an object or coordinates to find in the sky.

The observatory is located on the Lamar High School campus. It was built in 1993 for an estimated $160,000.

The observatory's original telescope could no longer be properly maintained after years of use. The telescope's manufacturers also stopped making the parts needed to keep the device up to date.

The Lamar School District and the community launched a fundraiser to renovate the observatory.

Zach Harris is superintendent of the school district. He says renovations cost about $15,000 and also included an upgraded wall, upgraded lighting, and repainting the dome.