Missouri Powerball winners revealed in Dearborn

Nov 30, 2012

Friends of the Dearborn, Missouri couple who won half of a record $587.5 Million Powerball Lottery jackpot think Cindy and Mark Hill will do some good with their winnings. Dan Verbeck reports from Platte County on the reaction of the couple and those around them.

Cindy Hill is a 51 year old laid off office worker, her 52 year old husband Mark a mechanic. They and three grown sons and their 6 year old adopted daughter sat on chairs on the gym floor at North Platte R-1 High School, the largest venue in the town of barely 500 people, to meet with well-wishers and reporters. The couple, reminding each other of their fortune:

"Uh..how much money did we win?” Cindy asked. “I think it's, uh, 293 million, 750 thousand. Something like that, oh, before taxes," Mark replied.

Splitting winnings with another ticket buyer in Arizona. The Hills, looking forward to what Cindy Hill calls a "pretty good Christmas."

Paige Newby teaches algebra at the high school, has known the Hills for 20 years

"They are going to have people coming out of the woodwork. Even if they're not related, if they see a need, I'm sure that it'll be taken care of. They're that kind of people,” Newby said.

Cindy Hill said they might consider adopting another child from China, as they did with their youngest. And perhaps a new car to replace Mark Hill's 180,000 mile-old pickup truck.