Missouri River placed on endangered list

May 23, 2012

The nation’s longest river has found its way onto America’s Most Endangered Rivers list.

The Missouri River ranks 4th this year, due to outdated flood control practices. American Rivers is a conservation group that announces the annual report. The organization cited flooding in 2011 as evidence that new approaches must be taken in the future.

America Rivers’ Associate Director of Government Relations Eileen Fretz says flood control is very important.

“Our basic flood management philosophy in general is that levies and dams may have their place, sometimes, but we think that restoring flood plains, and restoring rivers to a more natural place, can help manage floodwaters,” Fretz said.

Fretz added that a river has the potential to hold and manage water on its own if a levy is moved back in an area. This could make the river wider and help keep communities safe. The Missouri River has appeared on the list nine times.