Missouri Tax Credit Review Commission talks Missouri tax credits

Nov 16, 2012

The Missouri Tax Credit Review Commission held a meeting today in Columbia to discuss its upcoming report to the Governor on the state’s tax credits.

At the meeting, Senator Chuck Gross, Co-Chair of the Commission, started the meeting off by taking reports from each of the nine committees that split up the 61 tax credit programs the state offers.  Governor Jay Nixon has given the commission a ten day extension to submit its updated reports.  The new due date is December 15th.  Gross said it is an update from the commission’s 2010 report.

“ The size of this credit problem is growing rather than shrinking and so we are in our recommendations, I feel confident, going to say that  not only was our 2010 report relevant, but it’s even now more important that these credits be dealt with,” Gross said.

Most every committee within the commission was able to give an update at today’s meeting.  Some committees have not had a chance to finalize their recommendations or give updates to the commission, but Gross said the commission will collect the information before the end of the month.