Mizzou apparel, Mizzou office supplies... Mizzou chocolate bar?

Sep 26, 2012

A new chocolate bar developed with the help of MU Students goes on sale this week.

Students in MU’s Food sciences department have teamed up with an independent Columbia Company to create the new chocolate bar. “Mizzou Crunch” was part of an extra-curricular project headed by MU Food Science professor Azlin Mustapha working with Patric Chocolates. She says the project that allowed students to experience not only the development of the chocolate bar, but also everything it takes to get it to the shelves.

“I wanted it to be a unique experience that our under grads could participate in, because this is something that they can actually apply what they learn in the classrooms to a real life situation and that they can apply later on in their careers," Mustapha says.

Mustapha says she handpicked the undergraduate students from previous classes; choosing particpants that she felt were passionate about their Food science. “Mizzou Crunch” bars are made by Patric Chocolate in Columbia and will be sold in stores around town and online.