Mo. Auditor's office: zero costs/savings for judicial and health exchange ballot questions

Jun 18, 2012
Originally published on June 18, 2012 5:34 pm

Two ballot questions going before Missouri voters in November won’t cost or save the state any money, according the State Auditor’s office.

One in particular would make changes to how appellate judges are selected.  The fiscal note for that measure was put together by Deputy Auditor Harry Otto.

“(We contacted) four statewide offices, 20 other departments/agencies, the House and Senate," Otto said.  "Out of those 24 places that we contacted we received comments from 16, and all 16 said ‘no costs associated with this measure.’”

The second ballot measure would bar the creation of a health care exchange in Missouri unless the legislature authorizes it.  Otto says it, too, would not cost or save the state any money if approved by voters.  Both measures originated as legislation, which exempts them from a Cole County judge’s ruling that bars the State Auditor’s office from preparing cost estimates for ballot questions.  Otto says Judge Jon Beetem’s ruling only applies to ballot questions that began as citizens’ petitions.


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