Mo gets funds for levee repairs

The state of Missouri is creating more than $3.3 million in grants to help north Missouri communities repair flood-damaged Missouri river levees.

By Kirk Wayman (Maryville, Mo.)

Seven local levee districts from the Iowa border through north of Kansas City can share in the money coming from community development block grants—and in some cases paying for nearly all the repairs.

Bill Britton is emergency manager in Buchanan county where one levee south of St. Joseph has more than a mile's worth of breaches. He said the danger remains, and the money is welcomed.

“We still have these big holes in our levees and our county roads are in danger, and lots of homes down there are in danger if we have a significant winter—which we hope we don’t.  And if we have lots of rain in the spring it sets us up for that same situation.”

Grant money is still pending for three more levee districts in north Missouri.