Mo. GOP senators block passage of 2013 state budget

Apr 24, 2012

The state budget for next year is being blocked in the Missouri Senate by a group of fiscally conservative Republicans.

The filibuster was launched by GOP Senator Jason Crowell of Cape Girardeau.  He had promised weeks ago that he would block the budget over its use of one-time funds to fill holes in next year’s spending plan. 

Crowell spent part of the filibuster lampooning the Missouri House for cutting pensions for the blind.

“Now I had no idea that blind people were the problem, that that was why we were going broke…but there’s not one tax credit that’s getting reduced…they’re growing at 19 percent,” Crowell said.

After several other Senators joined in, the chamber stood at ease so that GOP leaders could negotiate with those leading the filibuster.  The Senate adjourned just before midnight, and Floor Leader Tom Dempsey says the two sides are close to an agreement.