Mo. Gov. takes no stance on health care exchange

Jul 12, 2012

The idea of a health care exchange in Missouri continues to be a political sticking point between Republicans and Democrats. And Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has yet to take a stance on the issue.

The day after Republican Lt. Governor Peter Kinder filed a lawsuit that alleges the wording for a healthcare exchange ballot initiative is misleading; Governor Jay Nixon did his best to sidestep the issue.

In fact, Nixon says he hasn’t really looked at how the ballot measure is written. As for the idea of healthcare exchanges in general, the governor isn’t ready to commit.

“There are choices to be made about Missouri being in charge of programs in Missouri, and I look to working with members of legislature to move forward where we can to improve the quality of healthcare in the state," said Nixon.

Nixon was touring the state Wednesday and stopped in St. Louis to ceremonially sign a bill that he says will help protect the elderly and people with disabilities from abuse and discrimination.