MO Lt. Gov. to challenge health care ballot language

Jul 5, 2012

Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is once again filing suit against a health care measure. He and some other Republican lawmakers have announced plans to challenge the secretary of state’s office on newly issued ballot language for a health care measure that’s slated to appear on the November ballot.

The measure has to do with the process for setting up a health exchange in the state, and specifically asks Missourians whether state law should be amended to “deny” people the ability to access affordable health plans through a state exchange, unless approved by the legislature or a public vote. Kinder says the wording is problematic.

“The use of the active verb to deny individuals families and small businesses the ability to access affordable health care plans, that is loaded biased language on its face," Kinder said.

A spokesperson with the Secretary of State says they believe the language is fair and would stand up in court. This isn’t the first time Kinder has filed suit regarding a health care measure. Last year, he challenged the federal health law and its individual insurance mandate. The supreme court recently upheld the law.