Mo. unemployment rate reaches lowest point in nearly 4 years [INFOGRAPHIC]

Oct 17, 2012

According to the latest jobs report from the state [pdf], the number of jobs created in Missouri is going up, and the unemployment rate is at its lowest in nearly four years. Some of the greatest growth was in the construction industry.

In September, 4,300 jobs were added to the construction industry across Missouri. While workforce numbers are down from a year ago, Ken Simonson, the chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America, said people should be cautiously optimistic about the new numbers.

“Construction employment figures for September are a good preliminary indicator - a nice upturn of 4,300 jobs from August," Simonson said. "It’s still too early to tell if this is a long-term rise.”

Don Stamper with the Home Builders Association of Columbia said the number of construction projects in the area is increasing.

"We’ve seen very dramatic increases in residential and commercial – more residential than commercial," Stamper said. "But it’s the kind of growth that is growing in the right direction."

According to construction permit records from the City of Columbia, the number of permits for new construction issued in August and September of this year is more than double than the number issued during the same period a year ago.

Credit Charles Minshew / KBIA
Credit Charles Minshew / KBIA