Moberly City Council approves rennovation plan

Apr 19, 2013

The revamped Moberly City Council didn’t wait long to begin making changes to their city.

The council recently approved an ordinance to put close to thirty thousand dollars toward repairs to city hall. The damages to the building occurred when mid-Missouri was hit by large amounts of snow back in February.

The repairs will be separated into two projects: fixing what has been damaged and improving parts of the building that weren’t able to handle the snow.

The first half of the plan will be paid for by the building’s insurance and the other optional half will come out of the city’s general funds.

These snow storms left sheets of ice on the roof, which slid off the building. This caused the snow retention system on the roof to break and the gutters and facing of the building to be damaged.

City Financial Director Greg Hodge says he has never seen a storm damage Moberly to this extent since accepting his position in 2006.

“The one side of the building where a majority of the damage happened, that’s approximately about 50-to-60 feet, it took out about 30 feet of that,” Hodge said.

Hodge also says the money coming out of the city funds won’t have a significant impact on this year’s budget.

Director of Public Works and Community Development Tom Sanders says these snow storms not only hit Moberly hard this past winter but also changed how the city will prepare for upcoming winters.

“We’re looking at getting some larger push plows for some of our big loaders and things like that in next year’s budget that would make it more efficient to do parking lots and quicker to do our airport,” Sanders said. “That’s what takes a lot of time.” 

Sanders also says six thousand to eight thousand dollars was spent outside of the upcoming repairs to city hall due to the snow storms. Sanders says this unexpected usage of funds will cause this year’s Moberly budget to be adjusted.

The restoration project will begin in four weeks and finish in early June.