Moberly ranks in top 10 on most affordable housing list

Nov 27, 2013

Credit The City of Moberly

The city of Moberly made a Yahoo Homes top ten list of the nation’s cheapest markets for family homes. The report says the average listing of a four bedroom, two bathroom house is $99, 593. In comparison, the most expensive place to buy a home in the U.S. is Malibu, California which has an average price of more than $2 million dollars.

Director for the Moberly Chamber of Commerce Debbie Miller said Moberly is an affordable place to live because it is predominantly a rural area; but, the city is in close proximity to larger metro areas. She said, “we are so close to Columbia, and St. Louis, and Kansas city, we have the best of both worlds”.

Miller said there are many large industries in the city that provide a good employment base. She said there is a good mix of people who both rent and own homes. She also said the city draws a general conglomeration of all age groups – there are two colleges in the town, but there are also families who have lived in the city for generations. Mayor Pro Tem Bill Schaffer has lived in Moberly for 79 years and said it’s a great place to live.

Missouri appears three times of the top 25 most affordable housing markets. Kansas City and Aurora rank 21st and 25th respectively. 

This story originally aired as part of Business Beat, a weekly program about business and economics in mid-Missouri.