MODOT makes revisions to Amendment 7 project list

Jul 7, 2014

Credit Sam Lin / KBIA

Missouri officials have revised the project list that would be funded by a proposed three-quarters cent sales tax on the August ballot.

The updated project list was released Monday to The Associated Press in response to an open-records request that sought cost estimates for each of the more than 800 projects.

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission is to vote Wednesday on the projects to be funded by the proposed Constitutional Amendment 7.

Additions to the draft list include state funding for streetcars in Kansas City, contingent upon approval of local dollars. The widening of Interstate 70 across Missouri remains the most expensive item, followed by interstate improvements in the St. Louis area and the widening of parts of U.S. 63 and U.S. 50 in central Missouri.

Here is a look at a few of the projects that were added to the list:

1. Kansas City Streetcars. Adds $124 million in state funding for streetcar lines in Kansas City, contingent upon approval of $356 million in local funding. Finances streetcars along Main Street from Pershing Road to the University of Missouri-Kansas City campus, along Independence Avenue from the River Market to Benton Boulevard, and along Linwood Boulevard from Main Street to Prospect Avenue.

2. Railroad Trail. Adds $24 million in state funding to help purchase a former Rock Island Rail Line corridor from Kansas City to Pleasant Hill for use as a hiking and biking trail, contingent upon $48 million from Jackson County.

3. Interstate 44. Adds $13.5 million for a new interchange at Marshfield, contingent upon $1.6 million in funding from the city and Webster County.

4. U.S. 54. Adds $12.7 million to expand the lanes of the highway from Mexico, Missouri, eastward to its intersection with Missouri 19.

5. Interstate 35. Adds $4.5 million for improvements to the interchange with Missouri 152 in Liberty, contingent upon $7 million of local funding.

The Missouri Department of Transportation has released cost estimates for more than 800 projects that would be funded by a sales tax on the August ballot. Here's a look at the 10 most costly projects:

1. Interstate 70. Reconstruct and widen I-70 to six lanes from Independence to Wentzville. Additional funding provided by future bonding capacity. $500 million.

2. Interstate 270. Improve I-270 between U.S. 67 (Lindbergh Boulevard) and Missouri 367 in the St. Louis area. $350 million.

3. Interstate 70. Improve I-70 between Natural Bridge and Hanley roads, including the Interstate 170 interchange, in the St. Louis area. $200 million.

4. U.S. 63. Construct a shared four-lane road on a new location from U.S. 50 to Maries County Road 209 south of Freeburg. $93 million.

5. U.S. 50. Add lanes to U.S. 50 from California to Tipton, add a new two-lane alternate route around Tipton, and add lanes to from Tipton to Morgan County. $91.5 million.

6. Missouri 100. Improve Manchester Road (Missouri 100) between Hanley Road and Lindbergh Boulevard in the St. Louis area. $85.5 million.

7. Interstate 435. Add lanes and improve bridges on I-435 from Kansas to Interstate 49 in the Kansas City area. $81.1 million.

8. Interstate 70. Add lanes to I-70 from Blue Ridge Cut Off to Interstate 470 in the Kansas City area. $75.1 million.

9. Interstate 44. Improve I-44 between I-270 and Missouri 141, including new bridges over the Meramec River and an added westbound lane in the St. Louis area. $74.8 million.

10. U.S. 169. Replace the U.S. 169 Broadway Bridge over the Missouri River in Kansas City. $73.8 million.