MoDot seeks comment on transportation tax in run-up to August primary

Jun 24, 2014

MoDot officials and Missouri residents gathered in Sedalia, Monday, June 23, for a public comment session on the proposed Amendment 7 transportation tax to raise funds for infrastructure projects.
Credit Shelby Mann / KBIA

MoDOT is holding public comment sessions to gather feedback on a proposed transportation tax in Missouri.

The proposed Amendment 7 introduces a three-quarter cent sales tax that would fund transportation projects over a 10 year time period from 2015 to 2025. Voters will decide on the August fifth primary election ballot.

At a public forum last night, Monday, June 23, in Sedalia, MoDOT Kansas City District Engineer Mike McGrath says he has received primarily positive feedback on the sales tax and what the estimated 5.4 billion dollars will fund: “It’s going to fund any type of transportation project - roads and bridges, transit, bike trails, airports, rail, any type of project," he said. "That’s what’s unique about this sales tax. It can fund any type of project.”

McGrath says the purpose of the meetings in places like Sedalia is to get public input and explain the list of projects set out by the amendment.

Sedalia resident Chris Smith says she is in support of the proposed amendment.

“I like the fact that it’s not going to affect gasoline tax and that you won’t have that tax put onto medicine and groceries also, so that part impresses me," she said.

The open house sessions are intended to promote discussion, awareness and provide an opportunity for comment on the amendment. They run through July third.