More on the University of Missouri's big changes

Dec 19, 2011

This week on the show: we dive in to the two biggest stories at the University of Missouri this year – the new UM system president and the move to the SEC.

This past week the University of Missouri system announced its new president. After nearly a year of searching, the UM board of curators announced that MU and Rock Bridge High School graduate Timothy Wolfe was coming home to take the helm of the four-campus system. KBIA’s Janet Saidi led the KBIA team covering the announcement and has this.

It’s been more than a month since the University of Missouri announced it would be leaving the Big 12 athletic conference to join the Southeast Conference. MU will break ties with Universities like Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa State to join the likes of Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana State. For people interested in sports, it’s a huge deal. But what does it mean for the academic institution? A handful of reporters had been pestering MU Chancellor Brady Deaton for interviews about the move since the announcement; and last week we finally got a chance to talk to him for about an hour. KBIA was mainly interested in the academic impact. There’s a portion of that interview in this week’s show. KBIA asked Deaton how the move might affect applications and enrollment; there is research that shows where a college team’s games are shown on TV can affect that.  And now, many of the games will be shown in a new region.

If you’re interested in hearing more from the interview with Deaton, follow the link to KBIA's original coverage of this story below. The audio attached to that story is the raw audio from Deaton and Athletic Director Mike Alden's nearly one hour interview with reporters from KBIA, the Columbia Daily Tribune, the St. Louis Post Dispatch and KRCG-TV.