Morgan County begins search for presiding commissioner

Nov 9, 2012


Morgan County is looking for a new presiding commissioner following the death of commissioner Jay Fisher on Monday.

Jay Fisher made his presence known in Morgan County, owning and operating his own radio station out of Versailles, Missouri, in addition to his role as the county’s presiding commissioner.

Morgan County Clerk Cathy Daniels says replacing Fisher will not be easy: “He was a very, very intelligent man. He was easy to work with, easy-going; never saw him mad or flustered. He was just a really great guy, and we’re going to really, really miss him.”

Following Fisher’s death, Daniels sent a letter to Governor Nixon to inform him of Fisher’s passing and request his appointment of a new presiding commissioner. The governor’s office then asked the Democrat and Republican committees in Morgan county to submit their top candidates for appointment.

Morgan County Republicans Chairman Kenneth Walker says he has narrowed his list to just a few candidates with whom he is currently setting up interviews. He has a general list of credentials for his choice: “Definitely somebody that’s familiar with the county because we’re kind of rural, and most of all it’s farming out here. And, they’re going to have to be oriented to that and good leadership qualities for one thing; somebody that has a good fiscal background.”

Meanwhile, Morgan County Democrats President Sandi Schwartz says she has put an ad in the local newspaper looking for candidates. She says she will begin interviewing candidates after résumés have been collected. But because Governor Nixon is a democrat, Walker does not feel confident for his selection: “When it comes right down to it, the feeling is that we probably… well, whoever we submit as a candidate probably won’t get it anyway.”

While Morgan County waits for the governor’s appointment, Morgan County Western District Commissioner Wayne Kroeschen has taken over as the interim commissioner. Neither party’s office has set a definite timetable for when they hope to get their submissions to the governor.