MU celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. through comedy, inspiration

Jan 26, 2012

A bronze replica of the MLK National Memorial in Washington DC has been presented to MU. The statue replica was presented at MU’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration. KBIA’s Elizabeth Trovall was there, and has this report.

Last night’s celebration at the Missouri Theatre featured a short presentation by MU alumnus Ty Christian about his work on the new MLK Jr. National Memorial in Washington, DC, and ended with comedian Larry Wilmore of The Daily Show. In his speech Christian presented Deputy Chancellor Mike Middleton with a small bronze replica of the statue: “This piece of art represents the fact that the University of Missouri offers anyone and everyone the opportunity to dream, not in black and white, but in rainbow colors and as big as you can.”

Christian says that he encourages all students to follow their dreams, like he did with his passion for marketing and communications: “Be relentless about it. Just don’t give up. Don’t listen to anybody. That includes your parents. That includes your teachers. If you have a passion for something, just do it.”

Following Christian’s presentation, comedian Larry Wilmore of "The Daily Show" wrapped up the evening using comedy to explore the complexity of ethnic identity and racism in the United States.