MU donation recognizes student veterans

Nov 14, 2013

University of Missouri Professor Newton D'Souza (left) and Chancellor Brady Deaton (right) look at the recently unveiled memorial honoring war veterans in Memorial Union on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013. D'Souza's student, MU senior Karen Johnson, created the design selected by the Chancellor's Military and Veterans Committee. It features MU's iconic six columns missing one column to indicate soldiers fallen in duty.
Credit Colin Hope / KBIA

The University of Missouri has received a major gift donation to fund a scholarship for military veterans.

Confidential benefactors donated the $1 million gift to create full academic scholarships for veterans attending the University of Missouri. The new Col. Dwight B. Shannep U.S. Army Air Corps Veterans Scholarship Fund is named in honor of a World War II veteran from Versailles.

MU leaders announced the gift Wednesday morning in Memorial Union following a color guard ceremony in full military dress.

Chancellor Brady Deaton pledged the university’s support of the nation’s veterans seeking higher education.

“The donors told me of their hope that some of the veterans who are helped by their gift will seek public office and ultimately find ways to advance the cause of lasting peace in our world,” Deaton said.

Following the announcement, MU leaders unveiled Memorial Union’s newest memorial honoring war veterans.

Director Marty Walker of Administrative Services for the College of Engineering said the memorial features MU’s iconic columns missing one column to indicate fallen soldiers. “With the dedication of this new addition to the Memorial Union, Mizzou reaffirms its appreciation of the sacrifices that our veterans have made for the freedoms we enjoy on campus,” Walker said.

The Chancellor’s Military and Veterans Committee chose the plan of Karen Johnson, a senior architectural design student, from three finalists.