MU Faculty Council Wary of Classroom "Protection Policy"

MU’s Faculty Board met Thursday night to discuss the UM System’s current classroom content protection policies. <!--more-->

By Colin Evans (Columbia, Mo.)

MU' Board discussed a proposed policy that would have prohibited the recording of classes in the UM System without the instructor’s permission. The policy comes after a video from a labor studies course at the System’s Kansas City and St. Louis campuses was edited and circulated on the internet earlier this year.

It appeared to show instructors promoting the use of violence. But Faculty Board Chair Harry Tryer said another issue is students’ privacy in class.

“The property is the students’ privacy so how do we protect that? Well, we simply have to say that it’s not allowed, you’re not allowed to violate a students’ privacy and that there are consequences for doing that and those consequences are people can be found out,” Tryer said.

The Board says drafts of the policy discussed Thursday are too broad. Tryer does not expect any changes to the structure of lectures once final decisions have been made.