MU fraternity continues support for Mo. gubernatorial nominee Dave Spence

Oct 12, 2012

Following a controversial incident over the summer, members of an MU fraternity continue to show their support for Republican nominee for governor Dave Spence.  Numerous windows of the Beta Theta Pi house facing College Avenue have Spence for Governor signs in them, with no other signs supporting other political candidates.

In May, Democratic Governor Jay Nixon’s office contacted the fraternity’s national office about a large banner displayed across the front of the house on campus.  The banner had the potential to conflict with the fraternity foundation’s tax exempt status and was taken down within the week.  But, Beta Theta Pi business manager Bill Toalson says the window signs are not a problem.

That is not the Betas putting those up.  That’s like anybody’s dorm room or any other room.  The individual in there has the right to put up whatever they want in their window.

Dave Spence was a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Mu, and donated $1 million to help build the fraternity’s new house that opened earlier this year.  The Spence and Nixon offices were not able to be reached for comment.