MU Health Care recognized for electronic information systems

Nov 15, 2013

Credit Fotos GOVBA / flicker

MU Health Care clinics have reached the top level of advanced electronic medical records. 

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMMS) awarded MU Health Care clinics stage-seven recognition, and according to the organization, only 1 percent of 19,000 U.S. clinics qualify for it. This recognition means the clinics have successfully implemented technologies that electronically transmit prescriptions, notify medical professionals of potential problems, and allow patients to view their medical information online.

Bryan Bliven is the spokesperson for MU Health Care and the interim executive director of the Tiger Institute for Health Innovation. He said MU Health Care is continuing to push the envelope and this is only the ground floor for advancing health care technology.

“Technology is changing very fast, people’s engagement with technology is changing very fast and health care is changing very fast," Bliven said. "So you put those three together and we’re really in a learning environment where we feel we can make a great deal of difference in a fairly short amount of time.”

The Tiger Institute and MU Health Care partnered in 2010 to improve health care technology, and Bliven said they will continue to do so.