MU looking at student transportation needs

Jan 26, 2012

The University of Missouri is undertaking a study that will evaluate the transit needs of its students.

The study will cost $65,000 and be funded by the parking transportation services fund. MU’s Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services Jackie Jones outlined Mizzou’s plan to bring in an outside consultant to determine the unique transit needs of Mizzou students.

“We believe that the best thing to do is to do a comprehensive review of transit issues on campus so we’ve engaged the services of Solstice Transportation Group. In talking with various universities this is the name that’s come up as being one that has done work w other universities on developing transit plans,” Jones said.

 A university spokesperson says the study will look at all modes of transportation like: city buses, apartment shuttles, even commuting. Jones says if you look at other universities, each one has transit systems based upon unique issues that those cities and universities have.

“To my knowledge we’ve never had this type of comprehensive review of our transit system and our campus has changed a lot in past few years with increase in enrollment and changes in traffic patterns,” Jones said.

Jones hopes the initial assessment will be finished by March.