MU puts up Tiger logos on several overpasses

Sep 3, 2012

The University of Missouri received a minor facelift last week for its inaugural SEC season. Maintenance crews installed four new oval Tiger logos on both Providence road and College Avenue overpasses. Emily Janssen is the Director of Athletic Strategic Communications and marketing for the Mizzou Tigers. She says this was just another transition process for MU into the SEC.

“As far as the timeline on upcoming things, there’s going to be a lot of stuff that happens in the transition period that are things that happen behind the scene that aren’t necessarily public things like changing a logo or putting SEC logos on a field surface,” Janssen says.

Janssen listed other cosmetic changes that MU has already implemented including SEC logos on other facility field surfaces and new uniforms for athletic teams. She also explained that this whole transition process would continue well past MU’s inaugural year as the Tigers look to cement themselves as competitive contenders in the SEC.