MU receives funding for rare biomedical research

Sep 18, 2013

The University of Missouri held an awards ceremony to announce a partnership between MU and the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation.

The official announcement occurred this morning and pertained to an approximate $600,000 grant. The grant will fuel six biomedical research projects through both the MU College of Engineering and MU School of Medicine.

The grant branches off of a $5,000,000 partnership between MU and the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, a partnership that has been extended this year due to past research success. MU is one of only 15 programs in the US and the only one in Missouri to offer a Coulter Translational Partnership Program.

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton said MU’s acceptance into the partnership is well deserved.

“The grants we are announcing today are evidence of MU’s culture of collaboration and dedication to innovation,” Deaton said.

The six research projects that will be funded include:

  • A surgical device for heart valve replacement
  • Shoulder injury repair with tissue transplant
  • Cartilage replacement for joint surgery
  • Use of nanotechnology for targeted cancer therapies
  • Better ACL healing using nanomaterials
  • Faster blood test to detect infection.

MU’s Coulter Translational Partnership Program will make research investment more attractive with hope that it can become commercialized. ImpeDx Diagnostics CEO, Steve O’Conner, explained during the ceremony that it is very rare for programs to receive such large funding and that it is a testament towards MU’s research development and programs.

With the partnership of the Coulter Foundation scientist at MU will have the recipe for success through the financial resources needed to implement improved medical care to patients in the future.