MU researchers offer farmers tips to improve soil

Apr 24, 2013

After the historic drought last year, farmers realized more than ever the importance of drought resistant soil.

A team of researchers at the University of Missouri will show farmers in Missouri how to improve their soil and in turn improve their yield. The MU team received a $244,000 federal grant and $134,000 from an organization that supports sustainable agriculture.

Tim Reinbott, superintendent of the Douglas Research Center in Columbia, said in the past, there hadn’t been money available to put on statewide demonstrations the way there is now. He said he's excited about the potential benefits.

“We can help farmers within that area manage their farm just a little better because it costs money to do all this — to have someone on board go out to all the field days," Reinbott said.

Reinbott said farmers should consider not tilling their fields and to grow cover crops like cereal rye, soybeans or tillage radishes. Reinbott said these techniques will allow the soil to more effectively soak up water.