MU researchers present work at Life Sciences Week

Apr 17, 2014

Scientists and researchers at the University of Missouri gather for the second poster session on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 as part of the 30th annual Life Sciences Week. Ginny Booker, marketing and communications manager for the Bond Life Sciences Center, hopes that collaboration will grow by allowing scientists to view each other's' work.
Credit Stephanie Kawula / KBIA

Nearly 300 scientists and researchers at the University of Missouri presented their work at the 30th annual Life Sciences Week.

Ginny Booker, manager of marketing and communications for the Bond Life Sciences Center, works year-round to put the event together.

"There are big research sessions that they have at the med school or the vet school or in engineering and there [are] a lot of disciplines within each of those areas, certainly, that are presenting. But this is the only event on campus that really is all inclusive of both undergraduates, graduate students and then staff and faculty in so many different areas in the broad spectrum of life sciences," Booker said.

Undergraduate research assistant Maggie Urschler was present at the second poster session. Urschler attended the Life Sciences Week events last year but said she was still eager to educate others, gather feedback and receive constructive criticism to improve her work.

But scientists weren't the only people present at the event. Nick Bouyoukos, a sales representative with Midwest Scientific, has been attending Life Sciences Week for the past four years. For him, this week isn't just about selling products-- it's about fostering relationships.

"I would say it’s just gotten better as I’ve gotten to know people better," Bouyoukos said. "My first year here I didn’t necessarily know anybody, but it got to the point to where the last few years there’s a lot of people coming by just to say hello to me and I think that says a lot."

Life Sciences Week events run through Saturday, April 19. The schedule is available online at