MU sororities 'bake for Boston'

Apr 19, 2013

Credit Christopher S Penn / Flickr

Sororities and community members across MU’s campus are gathering efforts today to prepare for a bake sale fundraiser to benefit Massachusetts General Hospital, which treated victims of the Boston Marathon explosions.

Organizers say funds raised will be sent to the Massachusetts General to help those affected by the explosions. “Baking for Boston” organizer Ali Troiano,is from Millbury, Massachusetts. She says this has been an emotional time for her: “People from Boston are strong, we are proud,” she said. “I love saying that I go to Boston, I live near Boston, like, it is just, I don’t really know how to explain it. It just, it really hit home with me.”

In response to the news of the Boston Marathon bombings, Troiano says she immediately started researching ways to help the cause. After finding a number of ways online to donate in increments of $10 or greater, Troiano saw an opportunity to create a fundraiser of her own that would be more appealing to the campus environment - in other words, cheaper. 

“People have done bake sales before,” she said. “I don’t know if it’s been on this mass amount of level and if everything’s a dollar, there’s no way you can pass that up.”

For those who want to get involved but don’t have baking skills, the group is accepting batter mixes of any kind or extra change can be dropped in the donation cans at the event. Also, donation cards will be available during the fundraiser for a $1 donation, and will be posted later this week around campus. Troiano is also considering a second bake sale this Saturday and will be selling T-shirts later this week.

Today’s bake sale takes place on MU campus from 12-4pm this afternoon.