MU student representatives lobby against higher education cuts

Feb 15, 2012

Members of the Missouri Student Association traveled to Jefferson City Tuesday to ask state officials to rethink their proposal that would raise student tuition next year.

By Jon Ingram (Jefferson City, Mo.)

The MSA had collected more than six thousand letters opposing the tuition increase in hopes that it would help sway lawmakers to reconsider. Chairman of the Academic Affairs Committee Ben Levin says the meeting with state officials went well.

"We think we took a great step in talking to influential legislatures about why higher education funding is so important," Levin said.

 Representative Mary Still of Columbia was among those who met with members of the student group. She thinks the state can save money in ways other than through cuts to education funding.

 "I have called for ways to increase revenue on the state, including a cigarette tax and Internet tax.  These are things other states have done and I feel that Missouri is just not making the proper investment in education," Still said.

 Still says the state takes pride in its education system and that budget reductions would be unfortunate.