MU-UM Budget Roundup: Laid-off IT Workers Locked Out of HR Info

Jun 9, 2017

Credit Creative Commons / Flickr

UM System and MU information technology employees who were laid off due to budget cuts were locked out of the myHR website, which houses information about all their paid-leave balances, payroll and compensation, retirement and benefit information, and links to information about other jobs in the UM System.

Christian Basi of the MU News Bureau said human resources officials and Division of IT supervisors made a joint decision to lock out the employees "due to the sensitive nature of the information they had access to previously."

Employees can access their information or perform other tasks normally accomplished through myHR by contacting human resources or their former supervisors to do it for them, Basi said.

Brennan Hobart, a graphic designer who was laid off from a job in IT, said he has no former supervisor to contact because the entire marketing/communications department has been dissolved. The human resources division employees he has talked to have given him conflicting information about what kind of access he still has and what to do next, he said.