MU Vice Chancellor for Operations Announces Budget Cuts for Fiscal Year 2017

Apr 8, 2016

MU Vice Chancellor for Operations Gary Ward sent an email to MU faculty and staff Friday evening announcing budget cuts for the 2017 fiscal year.

In the email, Ward said the division plans to cut nearly $5.5 million from campus operations departments. He said 50 positions will be cut, and fewer student positions will be offered next fall.  Campus facility operations, landscape services, energy management and printing services will see significant changes beginning July 1, 2016.

Ward wrote that response times by the custodial staff may increase and facility operations will no longer offer overtime to their employees. Landscape services is also included. Ward said there will be “lower expectations for campus appearance,” and trash pickups in parking lots will only occur on Mondays and will no longer be offered during home football games. 

"This all has to do with going back to the five percent cuts that were announced a few weeks ago," MU Associate News Bureau Director Christian Basi said. "Each department across campus has been asked to look at their budgets and determine what areas could be cut back. For this particular department, they have determined one of the best ways they can cut their costs is by asking other departments and other university employees to help with waste management."

According to the email, MU Police and MU Environmental Health and Safety will be exempt from the cuts.