MU welcomes Chief Diversity Officer

Nov 5, 2012

MU is welcoming a fresh but familiar face to the role of Chief Diversity Officer.

Deputy Chancellor Mike Middleton appointed Noor Azizan-Gardner to coordinate the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative (CDI) as Chief Diversity Officer. Duties of this position include efforts in increasing diversity of students, staff and faculty, as well as maintaining a convivial campus community.

Chief Diversity Officer Noor Azizan-Gardner said she is excited to get everyone working together so the board can begin making dramatic but positive changes.

“It’s about leading the whole campus in creating a community of respect and about an inclusion," Azizan-Gardner said. "We’re moving to guiding the campus, being there as hopefully a change agent."

Azizan-Gardner said diversity is about giving voice to the ones who may not traditionally feel like they belong, giving them opportunity to contribute to the MU campus.