Museum exhibit depicts Hindu deities through sculpture and story

Oct 6, 2012


In this week's Faith and Values update, we take a trip to the Museum of Art and Archaeology at MU, where the current exhibit explores the divine in Hindu art.

Curator Jeff Wilcox took me upstairs to the gallery lined with stone and bronze sculptures the bring a visual form to the deities depicted in thousands of years of Hindu history. That history includes several sacred writings and a rich oral tradition. Although the gallery was silent, the deities represented within it are quite a lively crew. Wilcox explained their personalities and characteristics, and shared just some of their stories – including why one of them has an elephant head.  

The exhibit, Seeing the Divine in Hindu Art, runs through Dec. 16. 

This story was produced in partnership with ColumbiaFAVS, mid-Missouri's source for news about Faith and Values.