New ambulances acquired by MU Children's Hospital

The University of Missouri Children’s Hospital has inducted two new ambulances into its fleet. The new vehicles also have side-loading doors instead of back doors that allow for two patients to be transported at the same time.

By Elizabeth Trovall

The new 'kid-friendly' ambulances include colorful paw prints and other decorations in addition to a small flat screen television. EMT John Wood was one of the designers of the new ambulances. He says that the remodel and 'kid-friendly' additions help make the ride less stressful for their young patients.

“If you can imagine being a five or six year old who doesn’t like strangers to begin with, and then is being seen by a nurse that’s sticking an IV in him, he’s a little nervous about what’s going on. If we can put him in here, we’ve got a DVD player, and all the fun graphics that gives them something to look at so they can take their mind off the unsure things like what is going to happen,” Wood said.

EMT Dan McGavock helped design the ambulances. He says though the design is unique the EMT’s shouldn’t have a hard time adjusting to the new model.

“You have to keep in mind how to shift your position -- your ambulance -- for loading and things of that nature. So there will be a learning curve but it shouldn’t be more than a couple of months,” McGavock said.

The new ambulances hit the pavement Tuesday and will be housed at University of Missouri Children’s Hospital. The cost of the ambulances was $142,000, and funds were donated by local Walmart and Sam’s Club stores.