New app could help combat partner abuse

Oct 9, 2012

A group of MU researchers hope to have a complete demonstration model of the “One Love App” by next spring. The new app is being designed to combat partner abuse, and researchers have already developed a Danger Assessment quiz.

MU Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing Tina Bloom is working on the “One Love App” with other researchers at MU. She says they are trying to save the lives of women in abusive relationships. She says the impartiality of the app is important. That’s something women sometimes can’t find in their families and friends.

“A phone, an app, a computer program — it doesn’t judge you, it doesn’t tell you what to do," Bloom says. "We don’t tell women what to do with this app. We give them information and resources, and let them decide for themselves."

The app is geared toward college-age women because research shows that one-third of women in the United States between 18-24 years old have suffered a violent relationship. The Danger Assessment quiz doesn’t offer a version for men yet, but Bloom says there are plans for that.