New classroom building for Moberly approved

Oct 11, 2013

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has approved a plan to build an $850,000 building for the Early Childhood Program in Moberly.

The state of Missouri will reimburse the district for 57 percent of the cost through its Special Education Finance Section. Director of Special Services Jim Johnson says the new building is necessary due to the state of the current structure.

The current building has accessibility issues,” Johnson said. “Getting in and out of the building can be a challenge. So this allows us the opportunity to build a facility that’s more conducive to access for students with disabilities.” The Early Childhood Program has undergone extensive growth over the past couple of years. District Superintendent Gena McCluskey attributes the need for a new building to the growth.

I look for that to continue. I look for us to try to find other ways to, uh, increase our parents and teachers in our other preschool programs,” McCluskey said. “I think research has shown and proven that that is a great way to get kids ready for school.”

Plans for the new 88,500 square foot building include more classrooms as well as handicap accessibility. The program is meant to serve the Moberly school district as well as neighboring school districts. There is no timetable yet set for the completion of the building.