New documentary on Churchill premieres

Oct 23, 2013

The film premiered at Capitol City Cinema.
Credit Maureen Lewis-Stump / KBIA

The National Winston Churchill Museum in Fulton is hoping to get more visitors through a new documentary.

The film was shown Tuesday night at the Jefferson City Capitol City Cinema as an inaugural presentation for the theater. It was preceded by a reception at Capitol City Cork and Provisions, a new restaurant that is connected to the theater.

Rob Havers is the Director of the Churchill Museum. He said he hopes the film will help with tourism.

"Being located in mid-Missouri where Churchill delivered his Iron Curtain address, has many wonderful recommendations," he said. "First of all, it is the site of a tremendous historical event but we want to raise our visibility."

John Stephens of St. Louis’s Pulse Productions produced the film, initially focused on a sculpture that was built in front of the Churchill memorial.

"As interesting as the sculpture was, there was very obviously another story and that is what was Churchill all about, why was he of so much interest today," he said.

The film is scheduled to be shown in cities across Missouri in the next year.