New Mo. GOP chair plans more aggressive approach

Jan 8, 2013

Ed Martin says Missouri GOP needs to do a better job at fundraising.
Credit KBIA

The new chairman of the Missouri Republican Party wants the GOP to be more aggressive in promoting its message and more sophisticated in reaching out to voters.

Martin narrowly ousted former chair David Cole on Saturday.

Many speculate it was because of the GOP's poor performance in statewide races, where the party lost five out of the six races.

Martin says those losses were due to one thing: "We found ourselves at a disadvantage because we were vastly outspent by tens of millions of dollars total," he says.

A chief responsibility of the chair is to fundraise, which Martin says he's well-suited to do.

He also said Tuesday that the party needs a better database of voters, so candidates and volunteers can know what issues matter to people when knocking on doors or making phone calls. He says Republicans also need to do a better job of defining their opponents in the Democratic Party.

Martin lost the attorney general's race last November and previously ran unsuccessfully for Congress.

Democrats have portrayed Martin as an extremist and pointed to controversies from his tenure as chief of staff for former Gov. Matt Blunt.