A New Petition to Fund Youth Mental Health Services

Mar 19, 2012

A new petition is seeking to put in the Boone County ballot a measure that would contribute to funding for youth mental health services. KBIA’s Paige Sinker reports on this issue.  

Director of Lutheran Family and Children’s Services and coordinator of Putting Kids First Christine Corcoran put together that petition. She says she hopes to exceed the minimum required signatures.

“We need about seven thousand to get it on the ballot but we’re seeking about nine thousand signatures because we know some of the signatures won’t be useable," said Corcoran.

She said she does not have a current count of signatures because the petition is still in opening stages.   The measure proposes an increase in Boone County sales tax.

“It’s a quarter cent sales tax which would amount to about a dollar a week per family," said Corcoran.

Corcoran says the tax would bring in 5 point 4 million dollars. The money would go to seven basic services ranging from school prevention to crisis and intervention programs among children and families.