Nixon Appoints New Presiding Commissioner

A new Boone County Presiding Commissioner has been sworn in to replace former commissioner Ed Robb.

By Allie Hinds (Columbia, Mo.)

Governor Jay Nixon appointed Democrat Dan Atwill to the position after former presiding commissioner Republican Ed Robb died last month.

Though the new commissioner is not of the same party as his predecessor, Atwill said from what he’s seen, the people of Boone County have been supportive.

There is a year left in his term, but Atwill plans to stick around a little longer.<strong></strong>

“It’s only common sense to take a job with the intention of being there more than one year," Atwill said. "I don’t think that would be fair to the county on the one hand all though I have to win the re-election, or the election as I should say.”

Atwill said his first plan of action is to be a listener. He plans to take a listening tour of Boone County and talk to all of the elected officials, judges, and sheriffs as well as community members.  He said through his tour he hopes to gauge the tone of the community.