Nixon open to GOP-backed Medicaid plan, but with changes

Apr 3, 2013

Credit File photo / KBIA

Governor Jay Nixon says he could support the House Republicans’ alternate Medicaid proposal, but only if some crucial changes are made.  He met with the GOP caucus today to discuss his Medicaid expansion proposal and their plans to reform the system.  Nixon told reporters that any proposal still needs to expand Medicaid to 138 percent of the federal poverty level.

“(Health and Human Services) Secretary (Kathleen) Sebelius has been very clear that the Medicaid piece has to get you to 138…how you get there, and the market-based reforms to get you there, I think is a good area for discussion, and I look forward to, as we move through the process, working together on getting a model to get to that federally-required number,” he said.

Nixon says there’s plenty of time left in this year’s legislative session to reach an agreement.  Meanwhile, a State House committee is set to vote tonight on the Republican Medicaid bill.  It would only expand coverage to an additional 180,000 Missourians while removing about 44-thousand children currently enrolled in the program.  The governor remains opposed to that provision.