Nixon opposes new and increased license fees

Aug 20, 2013

Credit File Photo / KBIA

In the first of what may be several visits to highlight his many other vetoes from this summer, Gov. Jay Nixon told reporters in Springfield that he opposes $22 million in new and increased license fees on Missourians.

Nixon was referring to SB 51, which modifies provisions related to the regulation of motor vehicles. The bill, vetoed on June 26, was one of 29 struck down by the Governor.

“It demands that our citizens pay more, but fails to promise that in return government will actually do more. It increases the price tag of government while doing nothing to improve the product. And that’s not a Missouri value,” Nixon said.

Until now, Nixon’s primary focus ahead of the September veto session has been to build support for his veto of HB 253 to prevent an override of the tax cutting legislation. It has included more than two dozen news conferences around the state.

On Wednesday, Nixon will be in Kansas City and St. Louis to discuss his veto of HB 301, which changes laws regarding certain sexual offenses. The Governor says it will weaken public safety. House members have expressed a desire to attempt an override.

Credit File Photo / KBIA