Nixon visits National Guard members in Afghanistan

Dec 6, 2012

Gov. Jay Nixon (D) during a 2009 visit with Missouri soldiers in Iraq. The Dept. of Defense has not yet cleared any photos of Nixon's current trip to Afghanistan.
Credit Missouri Governor's office

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is in Afghanistan visiting members of the Missouri National Guard who won’t be home for the holidays. 

The governor arrived in Kuwait Tuesday afternoon and visited guardsmen and women from Springfield and Sedalia before moving on to Afghanistan.  Once there, he visited an engineer company from Farmington and the surrounding area: “They’re roadsweepers, it’s tough work – they’re the ones that are out there doing the hard work…every time I’m here I’m inspired by the 24-7 get-it-done attitude, and am confidient that Missourians, as usual, are not hesitating to assist when called on.”Nixon says the trip will also influence the amount of state funding he seeks for the Missouri National Guard when he prepares his proposed budget for next year.