With 'No More Trash Bash' MoDOT stresses roadway cleanup efforts

Apr 23, 2013

MoDOT design engineer for the central district Nicole Kolb Hood looks for more litter along Route 94 in Callaway County Monday afternoon.
Credit Evan Townsend / KBIA

For Earth Day,  the Missouri Department of Transportation hosted its 11th annual “No MOre Trash! Bash. Department employees volunteered to pick up litter and debris along a stretch of Route 94 in Callaway "County.  This year nine people showed up to spend a few off-the-clock hours taking care of Missouri’s roads. 

The event is a way for MoDOT to highlight their Adopt-a-Highway program, where anyone can volunteer to maintain a stretch of roadway. District engineer David Silvester says he hopes raising awareness of the program will also get more volunteers.

“We have thousands and thousands of miles across the state, we have literally thousands of folks that participate in the Adopt-a-Highway program, so we’re always hoping that we can get more folks to help us with keeping the roadways clean and safe for folks,” Silvester said.

District Adopt-a-Highway coordinator Diana Johnson says she enjoys the No More Trash Bash, and all adopt-a-highway litter pickups, saying they do make a difference.

“Everybody gets out here and they’re pitching together and it’s teamwork, and when we get done, looking at all the bags you’ve collected and realizing job well done,” Johnson said.

For more information about the Adopt-a-Highway program, visit the MoDOT website.