No more trash talk: Columbia to stick with trash bag system

Nov 6, 2012

The Columbia City Council voted against the heavily debated roll cart trash pilot program last night. Third Ward Council Member Gary Kespohl said the pilot program failed to show financial benefit and improved customer service.

“There has to be more justification to me to go to this system, (for example) a bigger dollar savings," Kespohl said. "I can’t see where it’s at. Either that or the public has to be overwhelmingly in favor of it. Then I’d be in favor.”

The idea to change from bags to roll carts in hopes to improve safety for workers and eventually save money has sparked controversy since the city announced it’s interest in implementing a roll cart system in May. Mayor Bob McDavid said the city is not ready to implement the program.

“A lot of our customers don’t want it that’s the problem we have right now," McDavid said. "They’re satisfied with the current system, they’re satisfied with the charges their paying and they at least right now are telling us, all of us that they don’t want it to change”  

The council voted unanimously against the pilot but hopes to continue discussion to improve technology for waste management.